Hello, good day,

my Name is Nina.

I have studied acting, vocal and breath technique since the age of 20.

… it has brought and accompanied me to realms I have never thought were possible.

The inner dimension.
The network of relationships.
The fragile body of life.
The core values that we bear within.

Voice is the sound of breath.
Breath is the life in us.

Singing is the expression of our physical, emotional and psychological state.
Each song is a prayer to the invisible.
Tunes are vibrations spreading in us and around us.
They communicate the unspeakable.
The softer our perception, the more we hear and FEEL.

After 7 years of singing only for myself and in private sessions,
I have responded to my inner calling with the GODSPEED project.

GODSPEED is term used in order to wish someone success and safety, especially when they are about to go on a long and meaningful journey.

I offer my vocal guidance to you on the events that once were marked
That term describes leaving one state of being and entering another.

  • Leaving the womb of a mother and coming out to this world.
  • Leaving a state of being child into being adult.
  • Leaving one decade of life and entering another.
  • Leaving the life of student and entering the life of creator.
  • Leaving the state of being single into being engaged or married.
  • Leaving the maidenhood and entering motherhood.
  • Leaving motherhood and entering the lifetime of the Wise One.
  • Leaving one home and creating a new home elsewhere.
  • Leaving a job and entering vocation/starting own business.
  • Leaving a state of being married into being divorced.
  • Leaving this world, transitioning to another world.

…and many many other journeys and passages that you find worth MARKING DOWN and HONORING.

The celebration of those significant moves in life helps the bodys nervous system, the mind and emotions greatly.
It is way easier to cope with those tremendous changes when we take time to praise the move, when we allow the emotions to freely explode around that moment.

What was is no longer.

TOGETHER we pay respect to the past and welcome the new.

I feel honored to vocally accompany you as you embark on your journey.

GODSPEED, my friend.